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Charles Fracé
Charles Frace, born in the hills of Eastern Pennsylvania in 1926.
Much of the appeal of Charles Fracé art is rooted in the artist himself. One can sense an almost spiritual bond he shares with his wildlife subjects. Fracé brings to his art over three decades of personal research and close kinship with animals.While Fracé's mastery of design and technique captivates art collectors, His flawless precision intrigues nature experts. He has been featured in over 450 one man shows throughout the country.In 1987, to commemorate his 25th anniversary as a wildlife artist, he established the Fracé Fund for Wildlife Preservation. Each year the Fracé Fund awards major grants to conservation organizations, large and small, including wildlife parks, zoos, breeding facilities and museums. It is Charles Fracé's  hope that his art might help to prolong the existence of endangered species by bringing people closer to the awesome - but fragile - beauty of nature. He makes his home now in the hills of Tennessee.

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