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Douglas Hess
Douglas C. Hess grew up in Huntsville, Alabama in a family of nine children. While growing up in Alabama, a typical day at the Hess' house usually included a backyard football game where the competition was intense, and like every young boy, the imagination would transform you into Joe Namath or Lee Roy Jordan making the play of the game.
Hess' interest in sketching and drawing was realized at an early age as
well.  However, it was not until 1983 that the artist's interest was
rekindled and began to evolve into a passion for painting with oils.  While
employed as an industrial engineer, Hess worked nights and weekends at the easel and soon realized that his love of painting could not be met on such a limited basis.  Hess abandoned the security of a full time job in 1993 to pursue his dream, a career in fine art.

Hess paints the spirit of college football and preserves a special moment in time that allows each fan to relive and savor those thrilling emotions for
years to come.  The realism captured in his painting featuring exquisite
detail has created a strong demand for his work from collectors.

Original oil paintings by Douglas C. Hess have honored a distinguished list of national collegiate football and basketball champions, universities, head football coaches and Heisman Trophy winners and National Football League moments in time..  The opportunity to share his artistic talents came with the release of his first print, "Final Victory" in 1994, which sold out and continues to increase in value establishing it as a worthy investment to art collectors. His ability to capture those special breathtaking events that define our lives has lead to his ever increasing popularity with Collectors and investors alike...

Since the release of Douglas C. Hess' first print, his work can be found in
university, corporate, museum and private collections; both here and abroad.  Today, he makes his home and studio in Madison, Alabama with his wife, daughter and three sons.

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