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Jorge Mayol
 For Jorge Mayol, there must be a story behind each of his wildlife
paintings; without that story, he would not paint. The deft delineation of
his subjects (the viewer easily senses the softness of fur, the bristle of
pine needles) reveals his interest in capturing the mystery, spirit, and mood which animate both animal and landscape.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised on the family farm near the rural village of Ayacucho, Mayol became imbued with a deep understanding of both domesticated animals and the wildlife of the surrounding countryside: cougars, pecary, red deer, jaguars. His father, an inveterate doodler, kept the children at the family school busy with rigorous drawing lessons. Mayol's first paintings were of horses. As a young man, Mayol was apprenticed to the renowned illustrator and anatomist Axel Amuchastegui, whom he assisted in producing a series of volumes depicting world animal life, continent by continent. Ultimately, Mayol chose a more "sculptured" approach toward his wildlife subjects, while precision and detail remain a hallmark of his style.

Light defines shape, color, and texture for the viewer. As Mayol puts
it, "Light is the way nature paints." His primary technical concern is
illumination; his primary artistic concern is to reveal the interior scene to

Mayol's success in presenting wildlife with realism and emotive force is
reflected in a long-standing international reputation. A world-class artist,
Mayol has exhibited his art in London, New York, Buenos Aires, and Milan. He currently resides in Northern California. 

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