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Chuck Ren

Chuck Ren grew up in the Southwest surrounded by Cowboys and Papago Indians. He enjoyed Arizona Highways and was familiar with the work of Fredric Remington and Charles Russell. After earning a degree in fine art from the University of Arizona in Tucson, he worked for Lockheed Aircraft and Computer Sciences Corporation as a commercial artist. He later became a free-lance illustrator. His clients were The North American Hockey League, The North American Soccer League, The National Football League, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and A&M Records. He designed display posters for movies, and created the official 1980 Super Bowl Poster as well as posters for all the NFL teams. The idea of creating Western art intrigued Ren. He continued his commercial career for a few years but soon his commercial assignments became "tedious".

He couldn't wait to get them finished so that he could return to his Western paintings. In 1982, he moved to Sedona, Arizona. He enjoyed acquiring Western artifacts and whenever possible he used them and clothing from the era of the Plains Indians on his models. Ren's early Western paintings were well received. The completion of "Mystic Warrior" and the popularity of its prints gave him wide national acclaim. Respect for the spirit of the Plains warrior and and attempt to keep the memory of his significance from vanishing from the American Consciousness provided a two-fold impetus for the artist. He did meticulous research to adhere to his strict standard of authenticity. He would also have costumes reproduced for him whenever he could not locate the original. Chuck Ren pass-on in October 1995, a distinguished talent leaving a legacy of painted detail about the Native Americans.


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