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John Paul Strain
American artist John Paul Strain captures the color, drama and heroism of the Civil War with a vivid realism that is unique among the nation's top-ranking historical artists. A native Southerner - born in Nashville, Tennessee - John Paul Strain has studied American history and the War Between the States in particular practically all of his life.
He received his formal training at BYU, polished his professional techniques as an illustrator for the U.S. Department of Energy, and soon afterwards entered the field of historical fine art. His work met immediate success and was showcased at a premiere gallery in the Rocky Mountains. Acclaimed for his paintings of the Old West, he eventually moved to Texas to work full time in the field of historical art.His early works depicting Civil War subjects produced the same enthusiastic response as his Western art, and in the 1980's John Paul Strain began to concentrate on the Civil War.
Few artists in the field have gained such widespread popularity so quickly. His work is now acclaimed among collectors, who prize his studies of Lee, Jackson, Forrest and other Civil War leaders, as well as his scenes of conflict and pageantry.His distinctive artistic style, which combines bright colors and contrasting shadows, and his devotion to historic authenticity have dramatically increased his popularity. Today his original art is displayed throughout America and among collectors of fine art limited-edition Civil War prints, John Paul Strain has become an American favorite.

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