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Paco Young
Paco Young lives near the Gallatin River outside Bozeman, Montana with his wife and young son in an environment that provides constant and ever-changing fuel for his art. His subjects are almost entirely derived from trips to nearby Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks.

Young says, "There's an endless source of inspiring subject matter in the
Northern Rockies and I've always believed an artist should paint that with
which he is most familiar and cares the most about - so I do. While wildlife is my predominant subject, the landscape is essential to creating a complete work rather than a bit of habitat behind an animal portrait."


The work of Paco Young reflects a level of maturity that comes only from
years of passionate work and dedication. Painting en plein air or, outdoors on location is the one process which he says has taught him the most about painting as well as being his favorite way to work. "An artist learns to paint quickly, distilling the landscape into it`s essential elements,
simplifying shapes and capturing light before it changes - this is real
painting". Young says artists should paint in a manner that reflects who they are. "I`m rough- around-the-edges, so are my paintings. I`m impatient and restless, my paintings are direct and not burdened with needless detail. Paintings should be honest, passionate and from the artist`s heart, trends and markets be damned. I paint what I want, the way I want and this keeps me passionate about each and every painting."


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